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A letter copied from Freedom 4 Ed written by Myrna Clifton Ricter:

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I met Ed Abruscato at New River West Correction Institution, I was his supervisor. I was an OPS LTA and I hired him as one of my law clerks. I was told by the lady that trained me that he had been in an accident that killed 3 people and he was in for a long time. About a month later he was in my office in his wheel chair making copies and he mentioned his accident in Middleburg and I said "oh my Katie Ray" and he broke down and cried. I said no its okay. I did not know they actually sent someone to prison for that wreck. I use to live in Middleburg. He told me about the wreck and how he had tried to kill hisself a couple of times and how a day doesn't go by that he doesn't think about the people that were killed. I could tell he was very remorseful. He had lost his family, his home, everything. He told me he would like to just go to bed and not wake up to just end it all. I tried to encourage him and to go talk to the Chaplain and never give up and please don't do anything stupid. About 4 months later he left my office to talk to his psych because they thought he might be suicidal and I never saw him again, they sent him down to south Florida. I believe if there was ever a person that should not be in prison it is Ed Abruscato. I got to know him and he trully is a good person. I believe the Justice system did not do him right. Sure 3 people were killed and we cannot bring them back, but Ed was not drunk nor on drugs, he ran a stop sign at Santa Clara and 215, look what has been done since then, the speed limit has been changed to 45, there are cauton lights, and deputies running radar just about every day and turning lanes. Did it take that accident for them to wake up. Ed has served his time, and will serve it for the rest of is life for his injuries. Middleburg may not like my comments, but you did this man a wrong that needs to be made right. It could of been your son or husband and he ran a stop sign IT WAS AN ACCIDENT, it wasn't premeditated. FREE ED.

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