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The most striking part of Ed’s story to me initially was that a man could effectively be imprisoned this way in this country in this day and time. I am from a military family. My grandfather served in World War II, my father in Vietnam twice. More recently, my son and his wife were both in the military and served our country in Iraq. Our soldiers fight for our citizens to have a fair government and a fair judicial system and although nothing is perfect, I was so taken back by the magnitude of injustice in this case. Not just the sentence, but also in the fact that Ed could never get a post conviction review of his case. Clay County buried him deeply. The second thought that came to mind was how many times I have either been with someone or how many times I have made a traffic error. I am a good driver. I have only been involved in one crash in my 30 plus years of driving and I was not at fault. What if, when I made an error, a crash had occurred and something terrible had happened. I could be buried by Clay County or worse to me, someone in my family could be buried. Unfortunately for Ed, something bad happened when he made a mistake. You should help in this cause because this could happen to you or yours. I have since learned we have some big problems in our judicial system. I cannot remedy them all but maybe I can help with a few…starting with Ed.

We are at a point where the only way to obtain Freedom for Ed is to go the Governor and petition for justice.
The Governor needs to know that there are people that believe that the anger of one family inciting a small rural community and influencing a court system should not have the power to imprison someone unjustly for 30 years.
Ed’s attorney/paralegal team has submitted all of the appropriate appeals through the court system and none of their hard work ever got beyond the denial stamp. If you read what was submitted to the courts, you would agree it is unfathomable why the court system was never willing to relook at the case. I recently spoke to Ed’s paralegal and told him I do not believe it mattered what was sent to the courts, there is something in Ed’s file that directs that the case will never be opened for appeal. We are not asking for your financial support, if you would like to help out that way, of course that is welcome, please send us an e-mail and we will figure out how you can participate that way.

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What we request of you and really need you to do is to send off a letter or two.
You can write a letter for yourself or we would be willing to draft one out for you and send it to you for your approval and signature. After you read it, you sign it and place it in a pre-addressed, postage paid envelope. Please make letters that you write addressed “To Whom it May Concern”. Right now I am collecting the letters to be used by Ed's attorney to be presented to the Clemency Advisory Board and to the Governor. The letters need to request that the sentence of Edward Abruscato, inmate number W28738, be reduced to a fair sentence or that he be pardoned, as you see fit. If we are drafting a letter for you, please indicate your preferences. 

Click here to download the request form

If you wish to write your own and would like to use our template click the icon below. We can be a resource for you. We will not share your contact information with anybody else and will not contact or bother you. I will keep you informed if and only if you indicate that you would like to be kept informed of our progress. 

Click here to download template letter

My best wish is that we can either get Ed's sentence drastically reduced or get him pardoned. I want to bring Ed home. When he comes home, we can all get together and celebrate that justice has finally prevailed and we have done something right and good together. You can meet this wonderful man yourself.

Thank you so much in advance for your help!




Please contact me at help4ed@freedom4ed.com

You can also view the Governors Clemency and Pardon website at http://www.flgov.com/clemencypardons/